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Fox Yearbook -Contact Person: Emily Panter

There are currently several opportunities with Fox yearbooks

  1. Old yearbooks  (1997-2013 with some missing years) - we have a surplus of yearbooks orderd from past years. These yearbooks cost the school money and we would like to pas these books on to someone who could use them . We are selling these old yearbooks for $20 each.
  2. Because of the surplus of old yearbooks, we did not order many extra 2014 yearbooks and ran out quickly. There is a sign up to reorder some books but this will only take place if we get 25 orders. The price of this book is $40.
  3. We will NOT be ordering many extra books this coming year either. Therefore we are offering three payment options to STRONGLY encourage pre-orders for this years book.​​
  • Option 1 - pay $20 now to reserve a book and then only pay $15 upo recieving the book.
  • Option 2 - Simply turn in a pre order form and pay full $40 when you recieve your book


​***There is also the option to personalise your yearbook for and extra $8 which needs to be paid before we order the books. We will do everything in our power to have the books turned in for print by the last week of March, so that is the deadline for all of these order options (except the first which ends in January.)

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